Arthur James Solomon Headshot

Arthur James Solomon:

Arthur is well-known for grabbing things off high shelves & not playing basketball. After years in the business, he considers himself a true Hollywood untold story. Like really untold. He’s also single. 😉

Carly Hatter Headshot

Carly Hatter:

Due to the well known fact that “it’s so cold in the D”, back in 2005 Carly decided to hit the bricks and ditch Michigan for LA. Nine years, and a whole bunch of over priced and embarrassing “acting” classes, the dream has been realized. After completing her training at The Groundlings, Carly has co-starred in the film CHIPS, Hit and Run, and played an uber adorable bartender on Parenthood. Life has clearly been a dream boat for this little lady. Carly is super excited to be a part of The Captains, but don’t be fooled; if SNL calls tomorrow, this chick will split like a thief in the night! 😉

Igor Torgeson Headshot

Igor Torgeson:

Igor joins us from the rough and tumble world of competitive bass fishing.  After 16 championships and snagging the elusive 22-pound small-mouth named “Big Daddy,” Igor is already tearing up the world of competitive Industry Captaining. Look out, bean counters, you’re about to be snagged!  Igor also enjoys model ship-building and the works of Ricardo Montalban.

Michael Silva Headshot

Michael Silva:

Michael C. Silva is a star of great proportions in a bite size chew. He could go on about his exploits and credits, but his humility politely directs you to his imdb page, while he brings laughter and joy to the masses.

Michael Busalacchi:

Michael Busalacchi comes from a family of comedians. His father Jim Carrey and mother Ellen Degeneres have been very successful comics. His brothers Adam Sandler and Dave Chapelle have also done very well for themselves. Mike hopes to follow in his family’s footsteps by spreading the good word of Comedy. He loves to make people laugh and takes pride in acting like a complete goofball. He majored in film at the Brooks Institute and has an intense passion for Entertainment and the Arts. If you would like to adopt Mike, please text #YOLO to 1117.

Robert Scheid Headshot

Robert Scheid:

Robert has been performing improv in the Los Angeles area since twenty aught 2. This is, however, the first time he has used the phrase ‘twenty aught 2’, so bear with him. Among other things that he does for monetary compensation, he can be found teaching improv at the SAG Conservatory, The New York Film Academy, and for Carolyne Barry Creative. He looks forward to working with the wonderful talents in Captains and to working the phrase ‘twenty aught 2’ in to this bio one more time. Twenty aught 2.

Shannan Leigh Yancsurak Headshot

Shannan Leigh Yancsurak:

Shannan has only one thing to say: “After many years of performing improv and sketch one would think it would be easy to come up with something clever and funny for a bio…..wrong…..just come to a show and you will see how funny and clever I can be!”

Vicki Syal Headshot

Vicki Syal:

Vicki Syal is a writer, actor, dinosaur, and taco enthusiast. At an early age she decided reality wasn’t enough for her so she decided pursue fantasy with a minor in delusion. Armed with a Creative Writing degree that’s depreciating by the minute, Vicki has studied acting, improv, and voiceover. She loves to write the things that she performs especially with her sassy squads the Dirty Laundry Collective, and Subject to Change. She shares her philosophical and political viewpoints as her alternate persona DinoGoesRawr. ”